Welcome to limbWISE

limbWISE was designed by Dr. Daniel J. Lee, PT, DPT, GCS to empower individuals with limb loss to manage common comfort issues related to their prosthetic limb. The app was designed to solve the user’s problems in a matter of minutes through simple “yes” or “no” responses by guiding them through common self-management issues and solutions.  If an issue is beyond the self-management abilities of the user, they are instructed to contact their prosthetist for further evaluation.  In this way, the prosthesis wearer is empowered to solve problems that are within the realm of self-management, but also guided to seek assistance when necessary. It is believed this will cut down on frustration experienced as a newer prosthesis user, as well as improve clinician productivity.

If you are interested in participating in the research projects related to this project, please email me at danilee@hartford.edu.

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